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Regular servicing

By Hayden Featherstonhaugh

Modern motorcars are fantastic machines. They will play our favourite music, guide us to unknown destinations, and some will even assist in ordering food for us all while we sit comfortably nestled inside. But do you really know what happens underneath that glossy skin? What keeps our families safe, what makes it start/stop, what happens to keep us warm or cool?

The modern vehicle has many vital systems to keep it functioning in a way that keep us happy and safe. Some of these include engine and transmission, seat belts, air bags, ABS brakes, traction control and other electronic driver assist technologies, air conditioners plus many more.


All of these systems need monitoring and regular checkups just like we do.


When a vehicle is serviced these systems will require some attention whether a visual inspection, electronic interrogation or a fluid change. This is not to say that things will never go wrong. However, having your vehicle serviced and checked regularly will minimise the risk of breakdown.


Engine oils work incredibly hard to maintain our vehicles performance and economy. These break down over time and if not changed regularly, will cause an expensive repair bill. Too many times engines are repaired or replaced due to the lack of oil changes. Oil passages inside the motor block due to the breakdown of the oil and lead to oil starvation problems. Similar to a blood clot in our own bodies. When this happens, the damage is irreversible.


Hydraulic fluids like those used in braking systems are known as hydroscopic (attracts and absorbs water). These fluids once having absorbed water will in turn cause corrosion in vital braking components reducing their efficiency and lead to possible failures.


Coolant is another such example. Over time the rust inhibitors break down compromising its ability to combat against corrosion in the vehicle cooling system leading to leaks, premature pump failures and blocked radiators.


While the regular ‘tune up’ for summer and winter in no longer a requirement given the introduction of electronic fuel injection the mechanic (technician) must be trained to a higher level to understand these complex electronics and how to repair these systems.

A full service will check these systems including changing the required fluids at the correct intervals. Don't let your car fall victim to lack of maintenance. The Service Depot in Capalaba has the latest in electronic diagnostics. We only use high quality parts from trusted brands like Ryco, Bendix, Wesfil and Penrite Oils. This will keep your car's warranty intact and give you the confidence to drive knowing that everything is as it should be.


Call us today to make a booking on (07) 3169 2333, drop into Unit 15, Eureka Centre 29 Moreton Bay Road Capalaba Queensland 4157 or send us an email

Caring for you car

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