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Who can service my vehicle while it is still under new car warranty

By Hayden Featherstonhaugh

We are frequently asked about new car servicing and warranties. So here are the answers:


Can I choose who services my car while it's still under warranty?

YES, you can take your car to whoever you like for servicing and maintenance and maintain your new car warranty. If you have a mechanic you would prefer to use other than the dealer, you can.

My car is under capped priced servicing. Can I take it anywhere other than the dealer?

The answer is the same as above – YES!

Will going to my preferred mechanic affect my new car warranty?


NO, as long as your mechanic is following the service schedule set out for your vehicle by the manufacturer using the appropriate parts and correctly specified lubricants.

If a dealer tells me I’m not allowed to service my car anywhere other than at the dealer are they breaking the law according the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)?


YES. The following is taken from the ACCC website:

Choice of repairer under the consumer guarantees


Consumers are sometimes confused about the differences between the consumer guarantees, warranties against defects and extended warranties. This is especially the case when dealers and manufacturers make broad statements that consumers will "void their warranties" or similar if they go to an independent repairer (for example, a repairer who is not affiliated with the manufacturer or part of the manufacturer's network).


Any suggestion by car manufacturers or dealers that motor vehicles need to be serviced at a licensed dealer to maintain the owner's consumer guarantee rights is not correct.


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Each manufacturer would like you stay loyal to their servicing department as this is a hugely profitable area of their business, but as a consumer you don't need to be loyal to a company that only wants you there to bolster profits. 


Here is an article taken from the Financial Review regarding dealer profits and concerns of the ACCC with dealer servicing. 

How is The Service Depot Different?

Here at The Service Depot we don't have the extraordinary overheads of a dealer or franchising fees to manufacturers. Nor do we need to holiday in the Bahamas or drive million dollar motor cars (although we’re still hoping our lotto numbers come in!).


By controlling our costs we can keep your costs of servicing lower than that of dealers while keeping your car’s warranty and service schedule up to date.


With more than 20 years’ experience repairing and maintaining most brands on the market and worked for many different dealers in that time, we know what is needed when it comes to looking after your car. Don't let a dealer fleece your hard earned cash.


We specialise in a personalised service where your safety, concerns and a happy driving experience comes before profit.


If you have any questions about the service we can provide to keep your new car warranty intact call today. The Service Depot  

Unit 15 Eureka Centre, 29 Moreton Bay Road

Capalaba (07)3169 2333

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