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Knock from Hyundai and Kia steering column 

By Hayden Featherstonhaugh

Hyundai like many current car manufacturers are using Electronic Power Steering (EPS) modules as the way to make steering nice and light for slow speed maneuvering while being able to provide good feedback and less sensitivity at high speeds by varying the amount of assistance the electronic motor provides to the driver.

Has your Hyundai or Kia got steering knock? Sound like the steering wheel is going to fall off? Electronic Stability Light (ESP) light coming on after you turn and accelerate? 

The Hyundai and Kia system uses a small rubber flexible coupling between the motor and the steering column for  improved feel, however this small rubber flexible coupling between the two is prone to failure and if left unattended too can cause excessive wear in the motor leading to a very expensive repair bill mounting to thousands to replace the complete steering column. 

This is not a job that I would recommend the home mechanic attempt.

Here's a quick look at what we do to rectify this fault.

Hyundai and Kia steering

The steering column needs to be completely removed from the vehicle which involves removing all of the plastic trims, air bag, steering wheel and complete steering column.

Hyundai i30 steerin column and airbag clock spring
Hyundai i30

Once removed and safely on the bench it's time to dissemble the EPS motor and electronic control unit from the steering column.

Hyundai i30 steering column
Hyundai i30 electric power steering motor

Remove and clean the remains of the old flexible coupling which has disintegrated. Once the gears and motor are confirmed to be serviceable it time to reassemble with the new flexible coupling installed. Where the motor is not serviceable the small visible triangular shaped lugs will be worn down and misshapen.

Hyundai flexible coupling
Hyundai electric powersteering

Once all of the old rubber flexible coupling had been removed its time for reassembly and refitting

Hyundai eletrc powr steering
Hyudai i30 electric power steering knock
Hyundai i30 electric power steering
Hyundai electric power steering rubber coupling

When the steering column has been reassembled, reinstalled and all of the electronic components have been reconnected it's time to test and carry out the reset procedures. Resetting the Electronic Power Steering control module and Electronic Stability Control module with scan tool is essential.

Time to road test and give the now quiet steering car back to the happy owner.

Don't delay and let your Hyundai or Kia steering get worse call into The Service Depot Unit 15 Eureka Centre, 29 Moreton Bay Road Capalaba 4157,  call on (07)3196 2333 or email and Let us Care for you car

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